Top 15 Anime Series I Watched in 2016

NB To quote Chris Stuckmann, “this is not an automatic ranking based on grade; these are my personal favourite [anime series] that I can see myself watching over & over again for years to come”—well, the upper half at least. Also, all picks are in somewhat loose order.

15. Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt (dir. Matsuo Kō, 2015–2016)


14. Tonkatsu DJ Agetarō (dir. Daichi Akitarō, 2016)

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Today I Watched: Kino no Tabi – Tou no Kuni (2005), Mura Matsuri (1930), Urashima Tarou (1931)

Kino’s Journey – Episode 0 (Tō no Kuni, “The Tower Country”)


Score: 7½ to 8− out of 10.

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Today I Watched: Kino no Tabi – Byouki no Kuni, 00:08, Detective Conan #822–3

Kino no Tabi: Byōki no Kuni—For You— (2007 short film)


Score: 7/10.

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